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Are you trying to decide which Penis Enlargement Pill is best for you?

After reviewing the information on our website you will see the similarities and contrasts between two of the most powerful Male penis enhancement pills on the market today. Both products have been proven to increase penis size up to 30%. In addition, men using these products report stronger, harder and longer erections. Millions of men have used the ingredients in these formulas to change their lives. 

Does Penis Enlargement Really Work?

Extenze and Male Boost work to enlarge the male penis by increasing nitric oxide flow in the circulatory system. This all-natural effect helps to relax and expand the blood vessels in the penis, as well as the porous erectile tissue known as the Corpus Cavernosum. With powerful herbs like Yohimbe, Catuaba, L-Arginine, Tribulus and Maca root, men also experience increase in blood flow and overall sexual stamina. The ingredients in Extenze and Male Boost have been clinically tested, medically proven and doctor approved.

What is the difference between the two products?

Listed below is a side by side comparison. The chart breaks down the ingredients, cost, cost of shipping and guarantee for each product.


Male Boost

Yohimbe Bark * *
L-Arginine * *
Tribulus Terstris * *
Catuaba * N/A
Oyster Meat Extract * N/A
Muaira Pauma * *
Maca Root * *
Siberian Ginseng * N/A
Amount per Serving 1917 mg 1620 mg
Shipping FREE $6.95
1 Bottle Cost [60] $45.00 $59.95
3 Bottle Cost [180] $115 $179.85 

We back our product with a money back guarantee!

If you've done your research, you'll notice that most of the products on the internet have very similar ingredients. The reason for this, is that the ingredients work! Over 90% of men who try an herbal solution for their enhancement needs report seeing results! Read our overview on How Male Boost Penis Enhancement Works to get a week by week break down of what you should expect.

Male Boost, similar to other products, is designed to increase erection size, strength and hardness. 

So, what makes Male Boost so different? 

  • Male Boost is the only formula on the market that contains all of the active ingredients required to achieve full sexual health. Extenze in particular is missing key components like Siberian Ginseng and Oyster Meat Extract which act like an aphrodisiac and have been found to increase sexual desire and boost stamina. If you are purchasing a Male Enhancement Formula, be sure that it includes the following ingredients: Yohimbe, Tribulus Terestris, Catuaba, L-Arginine, Oyster Meat Extract and Maca.
  • We offer one of the most powerful formulas out there. One Male Boost dose is 15% to 35% stronger than most other products out there. Our daily dose is almost 1917 mg.
  • Our skilled professionals use a strict and careful selection process when choosing the ingredients that are combined into the Male Boost formula. You can be assured that we utilize the highest quality, freshest constituents available. Studies have confirmed that a higher quality grade of ingredients provides a more effective and potent product.
  • And finally,  look at our prices! We currently have the lowest price for a 3 month supply anywhere on or off the internet. Some companies will charge you over $200 for an inferior formula!

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Our all Natural Products are manufactured and labeled in accordance with strict FDA guidelines and procedures.

FDA NOTICE:  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. RESULTS MAY VARY.

*Statistic regarding 20,000 men utilizing herbal alternatives for male penis enhancement is documented by USA Today.
30 million men with erectile dysfunctions also documented by USA Today. Average penis size of 6.4 inches was obtained from an independent internet survey of over 12,000 men.

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