Have you ever wondered if achieving your maximum potential erection size would improve your sexual performance?

Do you need to boost your libido and sexual stamina?

Would having the ability to attain powerful, hard and full erections make you more confident about approaching your lover?

Are you ready to experience a heightened level of sexual arousal and intense orgasms?

In the last two months alone, over 20,000 men answered yes to the above questions and used an herbal male enhancement alternative to get the results they wanted! 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we have great news for you. Finally, a safe, non-prescription, 96% effective solution is available.

Male Boost is a proprietary herbal formula prepared by our master herbalists. The ingredients in Male Boost have been recommended by physicians, nutritionists and herbalists as a safe solution for increasing sexual arousal & stamina, boosting blood flow to the penis and heightening the intensity of orgasms.  

Our most popular 'Frequently Asked Question" is: Does Male Boost Really Work?  We invite you to surf our website to gather further information, but don't take it from us. Read what a major, world-wide newspaper had to say!

Two of the core extracts in our sexual performance supplement include Yohimbine and L-Arginine. This excerpt appeared in a USA Today column regarding L-Arginine:  

"This isolated amino acid builds up levels of nitric oxide in the bloodstream and is included in many OTC herbal sex aids because of its lack of side effects. A clinical study evaluating an arginine-based preparation found over 80% of those taking it reporting better erections."

Stephen A. Shoop, a medical adviser for USA Today, describes how Yohimbine boosts blood flow to the penis: 

"Yohimbine works by increasing the formation of nitric oxide, which promotes expansion of blood vessels. It appears to accomplish this by pre-synaptic blocking of alpha-2 adrenoceptors in the brain, and possibly by direct alpha-2 blocking in the penis. This leads to smooth muscle relaxation and enhanced blood flow."

A highly regarded  nutritionist and health club owner in Dallas, Texas recently re-ordered Male Boost and had this to say:

"Your product is incredible. I was skeptical but thought I would give it a shot. Within 1 week I couldn't believe the orgasms I experienced. I have never had erections this hard and large before."

You've seen commercials on television, you've heard ads on the radio and you may have read articles in male health magazines. Thousands of men world-wide have seen results. And if you answered 'yes' to any of the questions above you can see results too! Our formula  is revolutionary and rivals other online competitors and leading prescription medicines. To compare our product against other leading brands, go to our competitor comparison link. Our ingredients are 100% all natural, safe and have been documented to be potent and effective. 

You will begin to see gains in 30 days.....

Most men who try Male Boost begin seeing a difference in their sexual performance and overall erection size within 3 - 4 weeks. However, as every man has a different physiology, consistent use for at least 90 days provides the most effective and long lasting results.

Continue reading this page for additional facts about the male penis. When you are done, we invite you to see How our product works

Check out our prices, or if you are ready to ORDER NOW!, you will receive an incredible deal on our 3 month Male Boost package. It's 40% less than any other program on or off the internet!

An estimated 30 million men in the USA have some level of erectile dysfunction!

As we mentioned before, the combination of our proprietary blend of ingredients makes our sexual performance formula 96% effective!

Did you know that the average male penis size is 6.4 inches?

With Male Boost, you will be able to to take your erect penis to its' maximum potential size. Our formula will make it work like it should!

Erect Penis Size Chart

Very Small - Under 5"
Small - 5" to 6"
Average - 6" to 7"
Large - 7" to 8"

In a recent survey by Durex™ Condoms 67% of women said that they are not happy with the size of their partner!

Don't be that guy! Male Boost CAN help you! You will deliver satisfaction to your partner every time! Try Male Boost today and your erections will be larger, stronger and more sexually effective than ever before. Guaranteed. 

There are no weights, pumps, exercises or gimmicks!  We back our product with a money back guarantee!


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